No Yard Waste in Curbside Recycling

Be Bright Yard Waste PDF

Yard clippings such as grass, and pruned trees, shrubs and plants are considered green waste. Although green waste can be composted, it does not belong in your curbside recycling bin. Green waste stains, spreads, and ultimately ruins good recycling.
Yard waste and wood end up at recycling facilities for a variety of reasons; some may assume that green waste belongs in the recycling bin, others may think that because paper is made from trees, wood can be recycled just like paper, and many people struggle with full garbage cans and just want to get rid of their yard clippings.

Greenwaste.jpgPhoto By Esther Davis – Trans-Jordan

Regardless of why people have these beliefs and behaviors, green waste and curbside recycling do not mix. Some cities provide a third can for green waste collection. If you do not have a green waste can and have nowhere to put your yard clippings once the trash is full, please do not use your recycling as an extra garbage can. Look for green waste collection events on your city’s website or bring green waste directly to the landfill where it will be accepted for a small fee and transformed into compost and wood chips that benefit the entire community.

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