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The familiar circular arrows and number stamped at the bottom of a plastic container does not necessarily mean that the item is recyclable. It is actually a resin identification code that was created in 1988 by the plastics industry to identify the type of resin used in the plastic. Motor oil containers normally contain hazardous contents and are therefore not recyclable.

While there is no way of recycling motor oil containers, you can reduce the amount of waste that is generated by selecting one larger container rather than several smaller ones. This cuts down on the packaging material that is sent to the landfill.


Examples of motor oil containers
Photo by Lesha Earl – Trans-Jordan

Here in Utah, only four shapes of plastic qualify for curbside recycling:

·         Plastic Bottles

·         Plastic Jugs

·         Plastic Tubs

·         Plastic Jars


All other shapes of plastics are not recycled, and eventually end up in a landfill. This includes plastic clamshells that are often used for take-out foods.