Let’s Talk Litter!

The Be Bright, Recycle Right! blog has been all about what not to recycle. But let’s take a moment to talk litter. The stuff is everywhere! No one likes trash in their neighborhood. If you have ever visited Trans-Jordan Landfill, you probably noticed litter lining (if not blocking) the streets along the way.

Trans-Jordan spends more than $30,000 a year on litter cleanup in areas surrounding the landfill. All loads that are not tarped incur a double charge. This is enforced to prevent litter, but it is also a state law and city ordinance that all trash loads be fully tarped and secured.

Tarp PSA

We take litter very seriously. But we want to get the message across in a humorous and cheesy video titled The New Adventures of Tarp Girl. Enjoy!


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