Trans-Jordan created the recycling campaign ‘Be Bright, Recycle Right!’ to reduce recycling contamination. On January 25th, 2017, representatives from all seven Trans-Jordan member cities (Draper, Midvale, Murray, Riverton, Sandy, South Jordan, West Jordan) met with every recycling hauler and specialists from the material recovery facilities where curbside recycling is sorted. The recycling contamination meeting objectives included:

  1. Creating a single, consistent curbside recycling list
  2. Quantifying the amount of recycling that is rejected and sent to landfills
  3. Establishing a goal to reduce contamination
  4. Determining the top 10 most problematic recycling contaminants

This blog provides in-depth information on recycling contamination and a forum to facilitate discussion. Together, we can ensure a promising future for generations.

All recycling information is reviewed and verified for accuracy by the material recovery facilities that sort curbside recycling.

Trans-Jordan “Collectively dedicated to conserving resources for a sustainable future.”